Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ring on It? Really?


Beyoncé has made it worldly famous that "...if you liked it, then you should've put a ring on it." ...Yes, how cocky of her, but besides the work it takes to get the ring, what about the girls that receive the intermediate step towards the engagement ring? ...Ya know, the Promise Ring, that every "good" girlfriend wishes she had.

I can tell you by experience that it takes something good and strong to get a Promise Ring, but NOTE that this Promise Ring can mean many things. I, for one, was told that I "...finally got the picture" and put an end to all the BS I was causing. My ring means that "I love you" and that "I'm [my boyfriend] not going anywhere." It doesn't necessarily mean engagement, it simply means that we "got something good."

Nonetheless, I was correct in my analysis of what the ring meant, but ladies...if you receive a Promise Ring, don't assume its meaning; ask, if you aren't sure. This could lead to many problems, later. ...Also, don't conclude that since you got the ring, that you can act like a fool 'cause he sees a future in you. That future could slip away pretty quickly if he loses that image of who you were BEFORE the ring was given to you.

...But enough of my opinion; let's here yours. Do you have a Promise Ring? What do you think it means? Do you believe in Promise Rings, at all? ...Don't be afraid to share via comment and/or Twitter (Username: @iSHiNE11), and I will post the answers in a later post.

Did he put a "Ring" on it, or is it just fashion jewelry??

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