Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What every man orders from the Chinese store.... (video)

Fese, an up-and-coming rapper from Philadelphia, posted this video as an ode to his city's favorite must-haves when ordering Chinese food two years ago. 4 Wings immediately caught on and found underground success, with Philadelphia's own DJ Damage backing the record.

Recently, and for an unknown reason, the record/video has resurfaced and may soon garner a national audience.

SIDE NOTE: When I first saw this video two years ago, I was DYING laughing! I could not stop replaying the antics of Fese and those involved.

The funny thing is...I live in Philadelphia and I attend Temple University, so I know exactly where Temple Star is (the Chinese restaurant featured in the video).

This just gives me too many laughs. I hope you get your acclaim, Fese, I really do. :)

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