Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wyclef Jean to run for president of Haiti

Wyclef Jean will announce via Larry King Live (CNN) Thursday that he is campaigning to become the next president of Haiti (said via BBC, August 4).

The former Fugees rapper, whom is native to Haiti, is ambassador-at-large for the earthquake-torn land, and was noted as one of the first celebrities to react to January's historic quake--a quake that claimed the lives of more than 250,000 Haitian peoples and left 1.5 million homeless, says BBC.

Elections will take place in Haiti on November 28, a subject causing much buzz on the blogosphere. Antoinette Brown of Philadelphia, PA, says "That is wonderful. He [Jean] can really help them out," in regards to his tremendous efforts of aid, including the controversial Yéle Haiti organization, his personal relief fund for the land.

Jean is said to have filed all appropriate paperwork for such candidateship. Others interested in running have until August 7 to register.

UPDATE!: Haiti's Provisional Electoral Council has disqualified Jean from continuing his campaign. For more information, please click HERE!

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