Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rihanna's mysterious new tattoo revealed...(photos included)!

I know that we all love looking at Rihanna, but let's analyze her new ink (below)....

The lightly-sketched "Rebelle Fleur" tattoo translates to "Rebellious Flower" in French, a phrase which exquisitely describes everyone's favorite Bajan beauty.

MTV reports that the ink was temporary, at first, but that Rihanna decided to make things permanent Tuesday evening. 

Never one afraid to express herself visually, the songstress revealed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in January that she "approximately" has 13 tattoos, according to US Weekly. Due to such statement, it is unclear whether her latest tatt will make No. 14, but the star is clearly happy with her look.

Rihanna makes a note to not place tattoos in widely-seen places, i.e. the arm or the leg. The star hopes to keep a fresh look while revealing her edgier side (that, and Covergirl will not allow her to put ink in such places; it's in the contract).

Whether the star has future plans for additional tatts is unknown.

Photos via MTV and USWeekly

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