Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pharrell, 50 Cent & Queen Latifah say a few words on Minaj's behalf....

It is no secret that Nicki Minaj has made her mark in the rap game, quickly becoming the first It Girl in rap since Missy Elliot and/or Lil' Kim. Minaj can be found on just about every remix to every song worth listening to. Therefore, it is only right that since she has captured the world's attention with her multiple personalities (via multiple voices), erotic videos (i.e. Massive Attack), racy lyrics and looks that could kill, not to mention having the No. 1 rap single in America, Your Love, for seven weeks in a row, that Hip-Hop's other successors would have a word(s) to say on the rising star (and possibly, their future collaborator) and her success.

Here's what a few heavyweights had to say via an interview with Mesfin Fekadu of The Associated Press:

Pharrell Williams: I think since Nicki came out there’s going to be a lot of new girls coming out. There’s always one that paves the way and opens the door [and] I think she reopened the door to hip-hop for females.

Ludacris: Now that you have somebody that has pretty much her own style and does her own thing, people are gravitating toward it, so I think that makes her stick out ’cause she’s so different.

50 Cent: There’s not as many female rappers because there’s not as many emerging crews. When those new crews come up, there’s a potential for a female artist when the head of that crew sees the idea of bringing someone to speak from a female perspective.

Eve: Even though Nicki is representing for females period, she’s not representing for every female. She’s a specific type of entertainer. There are a lot of different kind of men out there representing for the males, and you need a lot of different females that represent for the different kinds of females. … Honestly, between [Lauryn Hill] and me and Nicki being out there, hopefully a lot of other females will be coming up.

Queen Latifah: Part of the reason hip-hop was dead is because there weren’t any female emcees out, really like in the forefront of hip-hop, playing on the radio, in the daytime, every day.

Seems as though Nicki Minaj won't be leaving anyone's mind, anytime soon.

Sourced via Rap-Up (by way of AP)
Photo via Much Music

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