Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Breaking News: Brittany Murphy's mother and husband shared a bed in LA home

In a highly bizzare post by TMZ, it is reported that Brittany Murphy's mother, Sharon Murphy, shared a bed with Brittany's husband, Simon Monjack, in the months before his death (Brittany and Monjack died within months of each other; Brittany in December 2009 and Monjack in May 2010--both in their Los Angeles home, both of an overdose of prescription drugs, both found by Brittany's mother).

The coronary report, which TMZ has analyzed, suggests that as police were investigating the master bedroom of Murphy and Monjack's home, a woman, later named as Sharon Murphy, identified one side of the bed as "her side of the bed." However, there is no claim of "sexual contact" between Sharon and Monjack in the report, says the site.

Sharon is reportedly "disturbed" by the coroner's release of such information and has called TMZ's original report on the matter "salacious."

Photo via Makin' Sip

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