Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gerard Butler denies Bond role??

I first fell in love with Gerard Butler when he played The Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera's big screen debut. His attentiveness to his role was overly convincing and his voice was beautiful, yet sad.

I was surprised when he took on the role of King Leonidas in the battle film 300. His acting skills then became versatile, but his few films after were not blockbuster hits.

While promoting his film Gamer and wrapping up production for a film with Jennifer Aniston, Butler admitted (in an interview) that he would deny the chance of playing James Bond.

"How likely would I be accepted doing those roles [in an array of films] after having played Bond," he suggested.  "People outside of movies think it would be amazing to play 007," Butler admits, "but as an actor you think, ‘Well I don’t know because from then on…."

Butler acknowledges the fame that would result from playing Bond, "but I would much rather create a role from nothing."

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