Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Julian Smith marks YouTube return with "Back Then," introduces new band, "B. Story"

I have been a fan of Julian Smith for years. His quirky YouTube videos, ranging in topics from "Malk" to "Hot Kool Aid," have entertained myself and 1.3 million other subscribers since he made his YouTube debut in October 2006. However, the budding star hasn't posted a video in months, leaving many fans to wonder just where he had gone.

To our delight, a new video was posted on Julian's YouTube account on Tuesday, July 16, titled "B STORY - Back Then (Official Video)." In the beginning, it may seem like an ordinary video with the star walking around a house and singing the beginning of a tune (he has sung songs in some of his other videos), but once viewers see Julian walk up to a refrigerator, climb inside, buckle a seatbelt and take off into the evening sky, we know this is anything but ordinary.

The video takes us through a journey of what seems to be a younger Julian (or a younger version of the character he is playing) in his middle or high school days as one of his fellow classmates catches his eye. They have a few encounters, but the young man never makes a move on her, and she later goes off to college never knowing what his true feelings were, leaving the young man in a bit of a slump. Some of the accompanying lyrics are "I don't want to be sorry, I don't want to give in. I just wanna remember what it was like back then."

Along with beautiful chords on the keyboard and guitar and imagery that paints a somber picture of love lost and what if's, "Back Then" marks a triumphant return of Julian Smith and a new musical endeavor with a band that is sure to make a splash in the near future.

Download "Back Then" on iTunes and Amazon and visit B. Story on Facebook, Twitter and its official website.

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