Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nicki Minaj as judge on 'X-Factor'?

Though Nicki Minaj's fame has reached unsurmountable heights in the past two years, no one expected her to be hosting a nationally televised singing/talent contest. Well, she has proved everyone wrong.

Scroll down to learn more of Nicki's possible future deal with Simon Cowell on X-Factor:

Whether it's is wigs, multiple personalities or just plain talent, Nicki Minaj has got it in spades. Now, the rap star may help Simon Cowell look for that X factor in a new crop of aspiring young stars.
The NY Post reports that Minaj is in talks to join Simon Cowell's British import talent competition "The X Factor" as one of its star judges.
"Nicki has a large following and she fits well with the ethos of the show, which plans to usher in a new generation of musical talent. 'X Factor' is aiming for a younger audience," a source told the paper.
Thus far, only record executive LA Reid -- the exec responsible for signing Jay-Z, Rihanna, The Killers, Justin Bieber and Kanye West -- has signed on to join the judge's panel of the show, though there are a number of big names allegedly circling the project.
According to Cowell, his former "American Idol" co-judge Paula Abdul is on the judging panel shortlist, while PEOPLE recently reported that Jessica Simpson is also a potential panel member for the show.

SIDE NOTE: Looks like what she said in "Monster" is true: "My money so tall that my barbies gotta climb it!" Go 'head, Nicki. Keep that money coming!!

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Source via The Huffington Post

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