Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kanye West tops President Obama on 'Ask Men's' Most Influential list

A lot can be said about one's country when a hip-hop artist beats out the President in a who's most influential survey. However, the votes were cast online by the public and were not reviewed by official panelists and/or experts. Not to throw Kanye any shade, but WOW.

Read Us Magazine's full article, below, on the other contenders of
Ask Men's elite list:

Nothing can keep Kanye West down!
The quirky, outspoken rapper-musician was voted the 5th most Influential Man in AskMen.com's fifth annual poll.
In the Top 49 Most Influential survey -- over a half a million online votes were tallied this year -- West beat out actor/renaissance man James Franco (number 7), late night comic Conan O'Brien (12), hip-hop mogul Jay-Z (13), actor-humanitarian George Clooney (18), Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner...and even President Barack Obama, who scored at number 21 this year.
The number-one man on the list? The Daily Show's Jon Stewart. Further down on the list: rapper Eminem at 24, Ben Affleck at 25, actor-singer Justin Timberlake at 33, and Leonardo DiCaprio at number 43.
Check out the full Top 49 Most Influential List at AskMen.com.

Photo via Late Night with Jimmy Fallon 

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