Thursday, October 28, 2010

Photo: Drake makes Rihanna blush on set of 'What's My Name' video

Neon Limelight is already gearing up hashtags #TeamDrihanna and #TeamRake for the premiere of Rihanna's What's My Name video featuring Drake.

I would soo love for them to be a pair, but as we all know, Rih is dating baseball hunk Matt Kemp and Drake is reportedly dating the girl with the huge ass from his Find Your Love video, Maliah Michel.

Nonetheless, the video is being shot as we speak and may be the alternate of the video seen HERE....

UPDATE!: ...Or, maybe not. Footage from the set reveals Rihanna in the same outfit that she wore in previous footage. Maybe she was saving Drake as a secret. Shhh! 

See the new footage, below:

Photo via Neon Limelight (by way of Fuck Yeah Rihanna)

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