Friday, October 18, 2013

Katy Perry posts lyric video for 'Unconditionally,' says it represents 'all kinds of love' (video)

Late Friday evening, Katy Perry released the lyric video for "Unconditionally," the second single from her new album, "Prism." Though it appears to be simplistic at first, the black-and-white clip eventually showcases two women, both without shirts on, as one woman seems to be singing to the other woman across the room.

As the video progresses, viewers learn that the woman singing, who has longer hair, is trying to convince the other woman (lyrically), with shorter hair, that she will accept her despite her flaws. Some of the lyrics include: "So come just as you are to me/Don't need apologies/Know that you are worthy."

The woman with shorter hair, however, continuously exhibits confusing body language throughout the video, unsure of the "unconditional" love the other woman is offering her.

In the caption for the video, Katy wrote on Facebook that the single is about "all kinds of love." Known to have a wide and diverse fanbase, the video and comment are sure to enlighten LGBT fans and supporters throughout the "KatyCat" community.

"Prism" is available for digital download and in stores on Oct. 22.

Source via Katy Perry

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