Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lil' Mo praises Beyoncé's 'Bow Down,' throws shots at Keyshia Cole (video)

My, oh my. Where did SHE come from?

Lil' Mo, an R&B star that hasn't graced the limelight in quite some time, recently sat down with HipHollywood to talk about her response to Beyoncé's controversial new song, "Bow Down," and social media reactions to it, including the not-so-optimistic response from Keyshia Cole.

Without saying her name, Lil' Mo chastised Keyshia for praising Beyoncé during her Super Bowl performance and now criticizing her for her work. Her most memorable line: "Why you gonna put them on the throne and get mad when they throw scraps to the peasants?" She also suggested that Keyshia take better care of her Twitter account.  

SIDE NOTE: Was that genuine support for Beyoncé or a desperate way to get back in the limelight? I'm not sure, but I loved the interview!

Keep it coming, Lil' Mo. I can't wait to see you back on the charts.  :) 

Source via That Grape Juice 

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