Thursday, April 4, 2013

Beyoncé reveals new Pepsi commercial and snippet of new song, 'Grown Woman,' in #BeyHereNow announcement (video)

In an announcement yesterday that had the world buzzing, Beyoncé released a teaser video titled #BeyHereNow, in which she could be seen wearing black sheer clothing and a metallic glove while giving a sexy pose and stare. 

Today, she revealed a new Pepsi commercial titled "Mirrors," which includes clips from the previous video and centers around the diva being approached by older versions of herself in multiple mirrors. The message of the video: "Embrace your past, but live for now." A snippet of Beyonce's new song, "Grown Woman," also plays in the background as she dances and competes with her former images.    

Beyoncé signed a multi-million dollar deal with Pepsi in December, which includes her designing a limited-edition line of Pepsi cans with her face on them, more commercials and the cola brand sponsoring her upcoming world tour. Pepsi also sponsored the Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show in February, which she headlined. 

Beyonce's world tour starts on April 15 in Belgrade, Serbia.

Sources via Beyoncé, USA Today and The Daily Mail

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