Friday, October 12, 2012

Music Video FIRE!: Lana Del Rey in 'Ride'

SIDE NOTE: I can't say enough about this video. Every inch of it--from her narrations at the beginning and end to her encounters with three different lovers to to her willingness to do whatever she wants because she feels "free"--screams Lana Del Rey and I'm glad she wrote this short film, with direction by Anthony Mandler, in exactly the way she wanted it to be. She's in the desert riding around with biker boys, she's at theaters singing to crowds of rousing men and women...she's doing everything rebelliously possible in this video and I absolutely love it. 

"Ride" is the first single from Lana Del Rey's new album, Born to Die: The Paradise Edition, in stores and available for digital download November 13.

Source via Lana Del Rey

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