Thursday, June 2, 2011

Report: Rihanna's 'Man Down' music video catches fire

Rihanna's latest music video, "Man Down," has outraged a parent group, calling it "inexcusable."

The video is criticized for being a "shock-only, shoot-and-kill theme song," said Paul Porter, co-founder of Industry Ears, a partner group with Parents Television Council (PTC) in condemning "Man Down," in a statement released on PTC's website Wednesday. "If Chris Brown shot a woman in his new video," he continued, "and BET premiered it, the world would stop. Rihanna should not get a pass and BET should know better. The video is far from broadcast worthy.”

In the video, Rihanna plays a rape victim who guns down her attacker. PTC exclaims that Rihanna, who had been brutally beaten by Brown in 2009, should have sent an inspiring message to young female victims, suggesting that they seek help instead of turning to violence. The group is asking Viacom, parent company of the channel that aired the video Tuesday (BET), to remove "Man Down" from programs targeted at youth and teenagers.

Rihanna, however, has not stayed quiet, launching a string of furious tweets in response: "I'm a 23 year old rockstar with NO KIDS," she tweeted Thursday. "What's up with everybody wantin me to be a parent? I'm just a girl, I can only be your/our voice! Cuz we all know how difficult/embarrassing it is to communicate touchy subject matters to anyone especially our parents! And this is why! Cuz we turn the other cheek! U can't hide your kids from society, or they'll never learn how to adapt! This is the REAL WORLD!"

With a bit of sarcasm, she tweeted the following in response to a member of PTC: "Yes give em this RT @DanIsett: Anything you'd like to say to me before I go on CNN to talk about your new video?"

Rihanna is reportedly receiving threats from fans and critics that dislike the video, while those in support are sending threats to the condemning groups. Neither she nor her representatives have given official statements regarding the backlash.

Source via CNN

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