Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Photos of Gaga & possible lesbian lover hit the web!

SIDE NOTE: I, frankly, am not surprised by anything Gaga does, but who's to say that this photo didn't involve horseplay? ...Take a look for yourself:

(Alright, alright! So...maybe it's not horseplay.)

This photo of Gaga was reportedly taken in 2008 with an unidentified woman. According to Radar Online, another photo has surfaced of Gaga "simulating oral sex with her [the unidentified woman]."

Why is anyone surprised? Gaga has said time and time again that she emphasizes and exudes creative expression, not to mention that she told Barbara Walters that she was bisexual in an interview in 2009.

...The girl is breaking musical and visual boundaries everywhere we turn. Who cares if she's bisexual? Not I.

Photo/Source via Radar Online 

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