Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Artist Profile: Dante

If you're looking for the next Ryan Leslie--a person that does it all in the entertainment industry--then, look no further:

Dante (real name: Andrew Hillmedo Jr.) is a 23-year-old rapper from
The Bronx who covers all aspects of his music career. He makes his own beats, and records, mixes and masters his own songs. In an extraordinary effort, Dante saved $10,000 to shoot, direct and produce a music video for his own single titled We Get Money, now featured on World Star Hip Hop
and VladTV. See the video, below:

With the underground success of We Get Money, this multi-tasker had a few more lyrical tricks up his sleeve. Fans can ride along the motivation-driven, bass-pumping sounds of Built For This, synthesize on the autotune-laced Clearer Skies,  get cocky on the swagger-themed
Like A Boss, and feel energized on the intense-yet-smooth Hip Hop Hype.

Like any artist, Dante likes to expand his talents to all forms of media.
The name Dante came from the role of his first acting part in Universal Picture's Baby Mama, opposite of SNL alums Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. He has also acted in MTV, VH1 and Verizon commercials.

Dante, however, has not always had success. His mother, from Mandeville, Jamaica, came over to the U.S. in the mid-80s to provide a better life for her son. She had worked multiple, vile and insufficient jobs with no form of aid from Dante's father in the military. His mother fought and fought to gain citizenship, finally attaining it in 2009, but still endures lifelong struggles. It is, hence, no surprise that Dante is such a multi-tasker and credits all motivation to the mother that gave him his start.

For more updates on Dante, including upcoming shows, music and big and small screen appearances, visit his official site at or follow him on Twitter: @DrewCity.

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