Saturday, November 16, 2013

Kim Kardashian posts two NEW photos of baby North on Instagram this week (photos)

SIDE NOTE: Chances are that you've probably already seen these photos, but, like I said in an earlier post, duties at work and school are killing me slowly taking up a lot of my time, so please excuse me for being late with this news.

We've got not one, but two new photos of baby North (a.k.a. Nori) this week courtesy of Kim Kardashian's Instagram page!

In the first, Nori is sitting in the arms of Givenchy designer Ricardo Tisci (above), who designed a gown for the new mom for the Givenchy Fashion Show at Paris Fashion Week in September.

In the second photo, this one is slightly blurry (above), Nori is shown playfully glancing to the side while smiling at an unknown target.

Being that this is only the third and fourth photos of baby Nori that the world has ever seen, I'm sure everyone breathed a collective sigh once they were posted, while secretly wishing that either Kim or proud papa Kanye post more photos in the near future.

MUST SEE!: Want to see what the first and second photos of baby Nori were? No problem! Just click HERE and HERE.

Photos/Source via E! Online

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