Tuesday, January 8, 2013

UPDATE!: Beyoncé nearly bares all on 'GQ' cover (photos)

Well, well, well...look what we have here. Has your jaw dropped yet? Can you manage to say with your broken jaw that Beyoncé is back and is looking more fit and finer than EVER before?!

While creating much angst and anticipation for her upcoming album and vacationing in The Bahamas (see her Instagram page @baddiebey for details), a recent photo of Beyoncé leaving very little to the imagination on the cover of GQ was leaked by a fan on Instagram, according to Love B. Scott. The site also states that Beyoncé is covering the February 2012 issue in the photo, but that information has yet to be verified.

SIDE NOTE: The photo may not be up for long, so take a good look at it while you can. It surely does not look like she gave birth to baby Blue Ivy exactly one year ago yesterday.

Say it with me: GOD DAMN!

Enjoy.  ;)

UPDATE: GQ has posted the actual cover on its site and confirmed that it is the cover of the February 2012 issue. The article also states that the entire gallery of Beyoncé's photos for the issue will be posted on January 15. Beyoncé also posted the actual cover on her Facebook page.

See the cover below:

Photo/Source via Love B. Scott

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