Saturday, September 29, 2012

Music Video FIRE!: Chris Brown in 'Don't Judge Me'

MAJOR Side Note: The author of the Neon Limelight article, the blog that I sourced this from, wrote that they didn't understand the video. In it, the reporter that approaches Chris before he boards the space shuttle is also his alleged girlfriend or friend that appears in the other scenes. Now, from just looking at the video, one might not understand why the reporter would questioning him about the mission and acting as if she doesn't know him if she is his partner. However, I understand this because I am an aspiring journalist. In school, we are often taught to separate ourselves from society and that if we have any personal connection to the story we're reporting, that we should not report it all to prevent bias. So, in this case, the reporter may actually be in a relationship with Brown, but she can't come out and say that because the audience she's reporting to would feel as though she has a personal connection with Chris and would not report the story fairly. Maybe, she figured this would be her last chance to prevent him from completing the mission by coming up as a reporter and sharing it with the world. Maybe her personal pleases weren't enough, or maybe she didn't find out about the mission until it was too late and the only way she felt she could stop it would be approaching it as a reporter.

OR (lol), this could just be a stab at the media. Reporters are always prying into Chris' life, including his relationships and possible infidelities, and maybe this is his way of telling them to back off. This video could be interpreted in so many ways, but I think it's absolutely beautiful, as well as the song behind it. I truly haven't felt this way about a Chris Brown song in a while and I am truly pleased. Bravo!

Source via Neon Limelight   

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